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Миссия HUBER

HUBER SE : Vision & Mission

1. Water and wastewater
We offer our customers innovative and competitive high-quality products together with systems and services that help save, protect and clarify water and also process and utilize the resulting residual materials.
We see water, wastewater and energy holistically.

2. Serving the customer is our main priority
The basis of sustainable success is the customer, his benefit and satisfaction. Our main focus is on the reliable performance of services to and for our customers.

3. Leading technical solutions
We achieve sustainable and profitable growth through leading technology and economic solutions. Our aim is to comply with present and future market demands by anticipating them at an early stage. Our focus will be on machines, equipment and solutions that ensure our competitiveness far into the future and seek to be at the forefront of technology within these fields.

4. Complete value creation chain
We rely on our abilities within the value creation chain: research and development (innovations), environmentally compatible and efficient production, global sales and region-wide after-sales service. Only when we are unable to achieve our desired solution internally, will we seek partnerships built on mutual trust with a third party for the benefit of both.

5. Living processes
We continuously work on improving internal processes and workflows within the Huber group as we are aware of the associated beneficial and decisive competitive advantage gained in doing so. Furthermore, the optimisation of processes offers the chance to continuously and further develop the quality of our products, solutions and services for the benefit of our customers. We understand and appreciate the importance of our internal collaboration and relationships similar to that we must have with our customers and suppliers.

6. Responsibility for the environment and society
Clean water is essential for life. Not only are we active in this market segment and contribute with our solutions to the benefit and protection of our environment, we are also focused on acting in accordance with ecological principles in our external environment. This is an integral part of our social responsibility and is communicated externally.

7. Cooperation
We focus on responsible management in a professional and focused manner and promote cooperative working relationships between all members within the Huber group to enhance the development of motivated, qualified and responsibly acting, committed employees.

8. Global markets
Our business is international, as is the water & energy issue and our global market presence will further increase in the future. People with different cultural backgrounds will work together with, and within, HUBER including our customers and partners. Among our staff, we promote the development of a global thinking and focussed employee that is based on mutual respect and co-operation.

9. Employees
We know that only with the best qualified and motivated staff can we be sure to meet our goals and are fully aware of the responsibility we have to our staff and are totally committed to achieving this.

10. Future needs the past
The fact that our company has been family-owned since 1834 gives us independence and provides the basis for a long-term business strategy. This is also the basis on which we collaborate in a spirit of trust both internally and externally, with our customers, suppliers, banks, national and international organisations or public institutions.

Board of HUBER SE