Systems Concept for Centralized Sludge Treatment

primary sludge septic sludge secondary sludge Septage Receiving Station ROTAMAT® Sludge Screening Plant Ro3.1 screenings pre-thickener sludge screening with STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner SP sludge thickening with ROTAMAT® Disc Thickener S-DISC desintegration / homogenisation anaerobic digester gas holder post-thickener HUBER Sludge Gallow sludge dewatering with ROTAMAT® Screw Press S-PRESS sludge thickening with Belt Filter Press HUBER Bogenpress BS ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyors Ro 8 and Grit Dosing Screw with Tank RoSF7 middle temperature sludge drying with HUBER Belt Dryer BT quenscher biofilter thermal utilisation: incinieration sludge2energy power/heat cogen. polymere station

The Systems Concept

1primary sludge12post-thickener
2septic sludge13HUBER Sludge Gallow
3secondary sludge14ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3 - sludge dewatering
4ROTAMAT® Sludge Screening Plant Ro 3.1 - septage receiving15Belt Filter Press HUBER Bogenpress BS - sludge dewatering
5screenings16ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyor Ro 8 + Dosing Screw with Tank RoSF 7
6pre-thickener17HUBER Belt Dryer BT - middle temperature sludge drying
7STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner SP - sludge screening18quenscher
8ROTAMAT® Disc Thickener RoS 2S - sludge thickening19biofilter
9sludge desintegration / homogenisation20 incinieration sludge2energy - thermal sludge utilisation
10anaerobic digester21power/heat cogen.
11gas holder22polymere station
4 Ro3


HUBER Sludge Screen / Sludge Acceptance Plant Ro3

Sludge acceptance plant with well-proven, efficient and rugged construction with integrated screenings press and screenings washing.

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7 SP



Horizontal pipe-shaped coarse material separator for municipal and industrial sludges -     continuous screening, dewatering and transport of coarse material in one operation.

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8 RoS2S


HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC

Unique sludge thickener for efficient sludge treatment for up to 200,000 PE with an inclined, slowly rotating filter disc that separates flocculated sludge from filtrate.

Sludge volume reduction up to 90%.

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13 Nasschl e


Discharge pipe for wet sludge

For feeding of tank trucks at sewage treatment plants.

Our pivotable and vertically adjustable discharge pipe for wet sludge is complete made of stainless steel.

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14 RoS3



Very sturdy, flexibly appicable sludge dewatering unit for sludge volume reduction up to 90%.
The completely encapsulated, odour-free plant is insensitive to coarse material and designed for high solids loads with minimum wear and vibration.

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15 BS


HUBER Bogenpress BS (B-PRESS)

  • Belt filter press for municipal and industrial sludge
  • High-performance belt filter press for best dewatering results

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16 Ro8


HUBER Screw Conveyor ROTAMAT® Ro8

The HUBER ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyors are supplied as closed tube version Ro8 or trough version Ro8 T, depending on the requirements. They are installed for horizontal, inclined and even vertical transport of screenings, dewatered sludge, grit etc. from wastewater treatment plants, or other solids from industrial processes.

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17 BT


HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Middle temperature dryer for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludges in compliance with European and international standards. Results in a dry, granular, disinfected (Class A), easy and safe to handle biosolids product.

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20 s2e e



Decentralised Sewage Sludge Utilisation for Production of Thermal and Electric Energy

A favourable and innovative sewage sludge disposal optionat the operator‘s own responsibility with calculable costs

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